Saddle Central 7 Day Trial Saddle Terms 

(7 day trial is only for saddles posted within Australia, laybye items are excluded) 

1. Saddles should be returned in the condition they were received.

2. Whilst on trial the saddle is the buyer's responsibility.

3. Any reduction in value due to excessive wear or damage will be calculated and deducted from the refund. (saddles are photographed before posting so there can be no dispute about the condition.) An admin fee of $25 will also be charged.

4. When riding use soft good quality stirrup leathers, preferably hang stirrups under the flaps if the style allows.

5. Do not wear long boots, chaps or leather seated breeches, wear jods and long socks (to prevent wear on flaps)

6. Use a clean saddle blanket under the saddle.

7. Limit rides to 30 minutes to limit wear.

8. Use caution when getting down from saddle. If wearing belts or zippers be sure not to slide down the saddle.

9. Do not take the saddle to a competition or clinic.

10. Store the saddle indoors not in a car or tack shed.

11. Clean the saddle thoroughly before returning, dirty, dusty saddles will incur a $25 cleaning fee. (Use saddle soap and clean soft damp not wet cloth.)

12. Returned saddles should be returned using the label included in your parcel or local customers can return in person. The return cost is $35 this includes standard post cost (not insurance) this amount is deducted from ALL refunds - including saddles returned in person. 

13. Trial begins on the day you receive your parcel as recorded by postal company or for local customers on the day you collected the saddle from Saddle Central . If a parcel is left uncollected either at the post office or at Saddle Central for more than 7 days the Trial period will be forfeited.

14. Trial ends on the 7th day ie. if received on a Monday it must be back in the post or delivered in person to Saddle Central the following Monday (the 8th day).


15. If returning a saddle by post you must email us to notify us that it is being posted, the email should include your name, saddle details and tracking number for the parcel. We must receive this email by close of business on or before the 8th day.  If we do not receive an email by the 8th day then we will assume that the saddle is sold. Many saddles we sell are being sold on behalf of owners. On the 9th day we will pay the owner of the saddle, so saddles returned without notifying us will not be accepted for a refund. 



Purchasing any saddle from Saddle Central implies acceptance of these terms.


These Terms and Conditions are copyright of Saddle Central and therefore should NOT be copied in part or full by other retailers without permission.

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