Albion has responded to the needs of the sport horse, creating trees that allow freedom of shoulder movement and panel stability within each and every saddle. 

The Albion saddles have several different tree types, the type of tree is not determined by age.

The Genesis Trees are altered by changing the entire head plate, headplates are available in Australia from Saddle Up in Victoria, they can fit it for you or you can organise your own fitter. 

The Adjusta Tree has been specifically designed for adjustment using pressure by any saddle fitter, (we recommend you check that your fitter/saddler has the required equipment.) The fitting can be altered without damage or distortion to the head plates or rivets of the tree. Adjustments can be made by 2 sizes each way from original.

The Original Spring Tree.  As with most spring trees adjustments by ones size are usually possible, the saddle must be opened up during the process.