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Sell Your Saddle

We have buyers waiting for quality saddles.

Dressage, Show, All Purpose, Jump, Endurance, Half Breed and Stock saddles

Due to the size and weight of most western saddles with horns we only accept these from local customers that can deliver to us in person.

Saddles must be less than 20 years old, have no structural defects and in excellent condition. 

Saddles we are not currently interested in looking at: 
Seabis, Henri de Rivel, St Lourdes,  Eurosport, Tekna, Horselines & HP, Satus & Kinkade & any saddle with a value of less than $500.


Selling Options

1. Consignment

2. Trade in 

3. Sell outright

Just tick your preference on the saddle to sell form.

We will assess your saddle and let you know what we think we could sell it for, our 30 years of industry experience enables us to price saddles to achieve the best possible result.  It is in our interest as much as yours to price correctly taking into account how much demand there is for a particular brand, model, size and condition etc.

If you are happy with the assessment we will email you a posting label to send the saddle to us, along with some details of how to pack it so it reaches us safely.


Local customers can drop their saddle in to us, if you'd like us to agree on a selling price before you drop it in, complete the form otherwise we can asses it once we see it.  (Assessments are not done on the spot)  To drop a saddle off book a time here. 


 This option pays you the most money, we pay you when the saddle sells, (after the trial period has finished). 

Customers will have the opportunity to purchase your saddle with full advantage of company trial/return policy, credit card payments, buy now pay later and interest free finance options.  

We will set an agreed price which will be fixed for a set period. It is not our policy to take offers on saddles advertised. Prices advertised are firm. This selling format ensures a price too low is not accepted and the saddle has a chance to sell at the full price we would expect to receive. 

We aim to sell saddles within 12 weeks, most sell much quicker, while some less popular saddles or odd sizes can take longer to sell.  We are usually happy to continue to market your saddle beyond 12 weeks.

IMG-3553 (3).jpg

Trade in

If you plan on buying a saddle from us we may take your saddle as part exchange. The price we offer will depend on many factors. As a guide it would likely be between 60 & 65% of its lowest selling price.

We will assess your saddle from the pictures and details you supply via the saddle to sell form and then give you a trade in value. 

There are two options with trade in, you can send your trade in saddle to us before we post the new one so you pay only the difference in price or you can trial your new saddle first, once you are happy that you will be keeping it you post us your trade in. This second option needs you to pay in full for the new saddle, we refund the trade in value once we receive your trade in saddle. 


Sell Outright

If you need a quick sale then selling outright will be quickest option.

  The price we will pay would likely be around 50% of its lowest selling price. We do not offer to buy all saddles, our decision to buy or not depends on many factors.

We are an authorised Second Hand Dealer and in accordance with the current legislation we require proof of identification from all sellers when selling outright. 


Whats Included 

  • Insurance whilst in our care.

  • Cleaning/conditioning your saddle.*

  • Quality studio photographs.

  • Detailed adverts with accurate measurements and fitting guidelines.

  • Promotion via Saddle Central website and other platforms eg Facebook and Ebay.

  • Corresponding with potential buyers.

  • Assessing suitability of your saddle for any potential buyers that supply us with pictures and templates. (we sell a lot of saddles this way, it can be a great way to sell saddles that are less well known and often overlooked by buyers.).

  • Free use of Saddle Central facilities to buyers and their fitters. 

  • Multiple payment options for buyers including buy now pay later and interest free finance options. 

  • Careful packing and posting to buyers worldwide. 

  • Payment to you as soon as a successful sale is achieved.

* saddles that are excessively dirty and require more than one clean and oil will incur extra cleaning charges. 

Consignment Fees
From 1st July 2023

The fully inclusive consignment fee includes: 

  • GST

  • Post cost for you to send your saddle to us. 

  • Payment processing fees, such as credit cards, buy now pay later and interest free finance, these can cost us up to 7%!!!

Fees are calculated on the final selling price:

Up to $1100 the fee is $275.

$1100 to $2000 the fee is 25%.

Over $2000 the fee is 25% on the first $2000 and 5% on the balance.

A saddle with a selling price of $4995 will pay as little as 13% commission.

Some examples: 

Selling price        Fee

$1100                $275

$1500                $375

$2000                $500

$2500                $525 (=21%)

$3000                $550 (=18.5%)

$3500                $575

$4000                $600 (=15%)

$4500                $625

$5000                $650 (= 13%)

Saddles can be withdrawn from sale by the owner at any time, they can be either collected or posted at the owners expense.  

If withdrawn within the first 12 weeks a $275 fee will apply, after 12 weeks the fee is reduced to $99.



 Submit details of your saddle via the Saddle to Sell Form. 

You'll receive a reply within 2 business days

Local customers that prefer to drop their saddle in for an assessment can book a time here. 

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