Which brands of saddles we will accept  will vary depending upon our current stock and demand. 

We will only accept saddles which are in good condition and currently in demand. Less desirable brands may be declined and saddles over 15 years of age will not usually be accepted unless they are in show condition.

We are an authorised Second Hand Dealer and in accordance with the current legislation  we require proof of identification from all sellers. 



We offer three options for selling your saddle:-


1. SADDLE EXCHANGE / trade in, if you plan on buying a saddle from us we may take your saddle as part exchange. The price we offer will depend on many factors. We will not make a final decision until we see the saddle so if we think we may be able to do a part exchange deal for you we will ask you to post it to us. Once we have seen the saddle we will confirm the part exchange value for you to use against the purchase of another saddle. You do not need to wait for us to sell your saddle. 


2. WE BUY YOUR SADDLE  If you need a quick sale then us buying outright will be quickest option but the price you receive will be lower.  The price we will pay WILL NOT be the full resell value. (As a guide it would likely be between 50 & 65% of the lowest selling price). The price we will pay for your saddle will depend on many factors. Once we have seen the saddle we will confirm the price we will pay. 


3. WE SELL ON YOUR BEHALF / CONSIGN We can sell your saddle on your behalf, your saddle will be listed on our website and will appear no different than any other listing. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase your saddle with full advantage of company trial/return policy, Pay pal or credit card payments and short laybye options. Selling on your behalf gives you the best possible return.  Our low commission of only 20%  or minimum of $250 includes any Gst, credit card and pay pal fees. You must agree to leave the saddle with us for a minimum of 12 weeks, saddles requested back within this period will incur a $250 fee . Saddles withdrawn from sale by the owner after 12 weeks will incur no charges.  Withdrawn saddles can be either collected from us or we will post at owners expense.  

For us to give your saddle consideration please submit details and photos