Current model Trainers are made by Ruiz Diaz, they combine all the necessary elements: craftsmanship and modern technology, together with the highest quality raw materials to create superior products to produce the Trainers Range. 

The Trainers range includes styles for all disciplines and levels, the entry level Masters range includes all purpose, dressage, Jump and show models. 

For the competitive dressage or show rider looking for a deeper seat and larger knee blocks the Trainers Jessica has proven to be a popular choice or for an even deeper seat and closer contact with the horse choose the Jessica Pro.  

The masters range have traditional flocked panels whilst the Jessica & Jessica Pro have the benefit of AMS Panels. (flock and a neoprene layer)

All the current model Trainers have changeable gullets, older models without changeable gullets can usually be altered by a saddler.

There are two types gullets, series 1 also known as Anky gullets and series 2 sometimes known as Pessoa gullets. The one you need depends on the model of saddle you have, an Anky saddle doesn't necessarily use an Anky gullet!  Some models of Trainers saddles use series 1 and some use series 2.