Help Selecting a Suitable Saddle


Need help working out which saddles may suit your horse or just advice on whether one saddle you like may suit? With so many saddles to choose from on our website its not easy for the untrained eye to know what to look for. With a few pictures and templates we can help you make the right choice.

Sure we offer a trial and you can return anything thats not suitable but its our aim to help you find the right saddle without the need for costly returns and wasted time.

All your submitted details will be looked at by a qualified fitter, working out what your horses confirmation is, how it affects the saddle choice and then choosing saddles to suit, all at no cost to you, we only ask that you provide all the information required to avoid unnecessary communication back and forth. Think hard about what you want, so you don't change your mind after we have selected for you.  Assessing all your information and selecting saddles takes in excess of one hour per form submitted so wait until you are ready to commit to purchasing a saddle before submitting your form as saddles we recommend now could be gone in a couple of weeks. Our recommendations will be specific to current stock not which model or brands may suit, each saddle is different even the same size, brand and model can vary considerably.  This is why so often people say my fitter says I need a ...  saddle, they purchase and it doesn't fit!  Let us work out what you need, we'll likely come up with more options than your fitter.

Before you start have a good look through the current stock, check that there are some options for you, there is no point going through this process if we have nothing to suit your budget or you are looking for a style we don't have.  If there is only one saddle you are interested in, thats ok select that option on the form and which saddle you like and we won't spend time looking at any others.

Follow our step by step printable guide or video showing how to do the required templates and pictures.  All you need is your phone or camera for the pictures, a flexible drawing curve or piece of wire, some chalk or tape, A4 paper and a pen. Its straight forward and will only take you 10 minutes.  

Save your templates to pdf format with no margins so we can print an exact copy - don't send the template as a photo - we can't use it in this format.

Save pictures as jpeg files. No thumb nails or screen shots.

Upload the pictures, templates and details via the saddle selection form