165 years of craftsmanship


For more than 165 years now, the “kieffer“ name has stood for Bavarian craftsmanship.
In 1848, the company was founded in Munich, and soon developed into one of the leading makers of riding saddles, horse-drawn carriages and harnesses. After a varied history, kieffer has now established an international reputation as a German premium saddle manufacturer.

The experience and craftsmanship built up over 160 years of the company’s history are reflected in every aspect of kieffer’s innovative products. The product portfolio ranges from high-quality English dressage, jumping and general purpose saddles, to saddle accessories.


Adjustability of kieffer saddle trees

As a basic principle, all kieffer saddle trees are adjustable. Depending on the model, the saddle trees can be adjusted by a qualified dealer or master saddler either in an infrared process or via the adjustable gullet plate using kieffer’s specially developed alteration bench. After that, it is advisable to also check and adapt the panel flocking if necessary.