Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if a saddle I want is available?

The website has live inventory, when an item is paid for it automatically updates the stock and will show as out of stock. If an item says its available then you can order knowing its available. 

The saddle I want says Out on Trial, can you notify me if/when it becomes available?

Yes fill in the NOTIFY ME FORM and we will be happy to let you know if it returns.

The saddle I want says sold, can you let me know if another one becomes available? 

New stock arrives every day, add what you are looking for to our SADDLES WANTED database and we'll let you know if one comes in.

Don't forget to let us know if you find one so we can remove your details.

Can I make an offer?

Prices advertised are firm, you can order knowing the price advertised is the only price we will accept. 

What method of payment do you accept? 

Visa, mastercard or bank transfer are. Proceed thru our online checkout for all these options 

Interest free finance - apply first to check you have approval for the amount needed, then place your order thru our online checkout, selecting offline payment, add a note saying you have finance approved.


Do you offer any after pay or interest free finance?

We offer 6 months interest free* via Humm90 Finance. (*approved applicants only)

What do I need to do to get approved for finance?

Either contact us to send you a quote  or apply direct yourself via our Finance page

Can I place an order and then apply for finance?

No, you need to apply for approval first,  once approved then place your order.

Can I still trial a saddle that is purchased on finance?

Yes the trial still applies, the same trial terms apply plus a 2% fee is deducted from the refund (to cover finance fees we can not claim back).

Do you offer Laybye and what terms?

We can offer laybye on most saddles, please email us to check if laybye is available on your chosen saddle/s.

If laybye is available on your chosen saddle, we offer a maximum of 6 weeks with 20% deposit required to start. Payments by credit card or bank transfer.

There is no trial or return on Laybyed saddles.

Will you hold a saddle while I decide or check with my fitter if its suitable?

We are sorry but we do not hold saddles, all saddles are for sale until paid in full or laybye deposit paid.

What are the options for selling or trading a saddle?

For details about selling options see our SELL YOUR SADDLE page.

How is the selling price determined, do I decide the price?

Saddle Central will value your saddle and advise the price it should sell for. This assessment is done from details you submit on your form.

For more details see SELL YOUR SADDLE page and submit details of your saddle via the SADDLE TO SELL FORM 

I have a saddle to sell outright what do I need to do?

Send details of your saddle via SADDLE TO SELL FORM  so we can assess it  We will reply within 1 - 2 business days.

I have a saddle to trade in what do I need to do?

We don't accept all saddles as a trade in,  you need to send details of your saddle via SADDLE TO SELL FORM  so we can assess it and make an offer to trade. 

I have submitted the saddle to sell form, what happens now?

You will receive an email reply within 2 business days, if you have not received a reply in this time check your junk mail, then contact us. 

The email will outline your selling options, selling price / commission etc. If you accept the selling terms you'll then receive a pre paid posting label. 

If I am trading a saddle how does it work? 

Submit details via the SADDLE TO SELL FORM, so we can assess it and make an offer to trade. If you accept the offer there are two ways the trade in can work:

1. you pay in full for the saddle you wish to buy, once you have finished the trial and know you will be keeping it you can send the trade in saddle to us, once it arrives we refund the trade in amount back  via your initial payment.

2. you can pay just the difference between the trade in and your new purchase (we will give you a trade in code to use in checkout)  we then hold your new saddle whilst you post your trade in saddle to us. - it must be posted immediately. Once it arrives we then post the new saddle to you. If you return the new saddle at the end of the trial period you can choose an alternative saddle or a refund, the trade in part will only be given as a credit not  a refund.

Do you only buy saddles? What about other items?

We will consider purchasing girths, stirrup leathers, stirrup irons, saddle cloths and gullets, if they are in excellent condition. Usually post costs are too high to purchase single items, but if you have multiple items please do get in touch.

I don't live local can I still sell or trade?

Yes , we receive saddles from all over Australia, we pay the basic post cost for your saddle to be sent to us. We will give you advise on how to package and post. 


Are you open to public for viewing?

We are an online business and do not have a shop, we only see customers by appointment. Tuesday to Friday 11am - 3.00pm. For appointment options see Trying Saddles at Saddle Central  page.

To Book an appointment use the online booking page.

I'm not sure what to buy, I'd like to sit in saddles to help me decide, is this possible?

For appointment options see Trying Saddles at Saddle Central  page.

If I am only interested in one saddle and would like to sit in it before I commit, can I come and sit and then pay for it?

Yes, book an appointment via the booking page.

This is a 5 minute appointment only, if you think there may be a chance it wont be suitable and you will want to look at other options you will need to have booked a 30 minute appointment and will need to bring pictures and templates f your horse.

For appointment options see  Trying Saddles at Saddle Central  page. 

When can I pick up my order?

Collection is available Monday to Friday 10.30 - 5 pm, add a note to your order or book an appointment via the booking page  Orders not collected within 7 days will forfeit the trial.

Can I collect after hours?

Collection of a paid order after hours may be possible, please contact us to organise prior to ordering.

How soon do I need to collect my order?

Unpaid orders are only held for 24 hours.

Paid orders should be collected within 3 business days. Orders not collected within 7 days will forfeit the trial.

Where are you located?

34 Burma Road Yundi, South Australia. 

Open by appointment only.

How much is postage?

Post cost depends on your location, refer to the posting page for our postage rates POSTING PAGE  

What happens if I order during the Christmas/New Year holidays?

We are open for ordering throughout the holidays, for details of posting or collecting an order over the holidays refer to our HOLIDAY PAGE.

Can I pay extra for Express Post? 

We may be able to Express post to South Australian or Victorian addresses, most other locations are too expensive.  Call us for a quote.

Do you post internationally? 

Yes we post worldwide.  For postage rates see our POSTING PAGE  If your location is not listed please contact us for a quote.

International orders may be liable for import taxes and sales taxes in the destination country. We do not cover these costs, check with your customs department to check what you may have to pay.  


What if the parcel is lost in the mail? 

We will only post with tracking, plus a signature is required on receipt, so lost parcels are unlikely. Parcels sent by Saddle Central will be our responsibility until they reach the destination address or Post Office.

Saddle Central is not liable for any loss caused due to an incorrect delivery address on an order.


If you return a parcel to us it is your responsibility to make sure it is well packaged & labelled .  You can add insurance cover for your peace of mind if you wish. Any loss of a parcel you send is your responsibility.

How do I know what gullet width my horse needs?

Íf you have recently used a saddle fitter they should be able to tell you what gullet width you need. It is not possible to guess, even an experienced fitter can not tell what you need just by looking at your horse. If a fitter hasn't measured your horse in the last 6 months you will need to do a template of your horse, for details of how to do this refer to our pdf guide or video and upload the template via the saddle selection form.   The pdf guide and video can be found on the Gullet Measurement Guide page 

Can you alter the gullet to what I need?

We can fit the correct gullet on most saddles that have an easy change gullet. There is a fee to change the gullet, add gullet alteration to your order. 

We can not alter saddles without an easy change gullet,

I don't know what will suit my horse can you help?

Saddle fit is extremely complicated, using a fitter that knows your horse is always the most ideal. If you don't have a fitter we can help.

Nicky is a qualified fitter and has a very high success rate of selecting suitable saddles from pictures and templates. 

There is no fee for this service we only ask that you provide all the information required to avoid unnecessary communication back and forth. 

To start have a read of our saddle fitting guide to give you some background information then take the required pictures and templates of your horse and submit all the details via the SADDLE SELECTION FORM 

Refer to the Help Selecting a Saddle Page to see how to do the pictures and templates.

Can you tell me if a saddle I am keen on will suit my horse?

To be able to tell if a saddle is likely to suit we need to see specific pictures and templates, we can only give our opinion on suitability if all the required information comes via the SADDLE SELECTION FORM .

To start have a read of our saddle fitting guide to give you some background information then take the required pictures and templates of your horse and submit all the details via the SADDLE SELECTION FORM 

Refer to the Help Selecting a Saddle Page to see how to do the pictures and templates.


What is your returns policy? 

All items are sold within Australia have a 7 day money back guarantee.

There are strict trial and return terms for saddles, for full details refer to both the Trial Terms and Returns page.  

No return on items sent internationally.

How do I post a saddle back if its not suitable? 

You package carefully using the original packaging and take it to your local Post office.  A return posting label will be included in your parcel. If you collected your saddle in person, you will need to contact us for a posting label.

How do I return a saddle that was collected rather than posted?

Collected saddles need to be returned to us within the 7 days. You will need to contact us the day before you wish to return to book a time. Do not wait until the trial has finished to contact us. If you collect on a Monday it must be back at Saddle Central by the following Monday, collect Tuesday it must be back by the following Tuesday etc. 

If you need to post it back, contact us for a posting label, you will need to source your own box and bubble wrap.  It must be in the post by the end of the trial. 

How much will it cost to return a saddle? 

Return cost is $35 per saddle (plus insurance if you choose to add it). $35 per saddle will be deducted from all saddle refunds, including those returned in person.   

Do you refund?

Yes we refund by the same method you originally paid or for Skye finance purchases we refund to your bank account (Skye purchases 2%. is deducted from the refund.)

Postage costs are not refunded.

How long will it take to get my refund back?

We process refunds as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours of the saddle returning. It depends on the method you used to pay how long it will take to show in your account. 

If you paid by bank transfer, don't forget to include your bank details with your parcel.

What if my trial ends on a Public holiday?

You must still notify us by email within the 7 days if you are returning a saddle. The saddle should be posted the very next business day and you should be email us of the tracking number the same day its posted.

What if I return a saddle during a time that Saddle Central is closed  such as Christmas/New Year holidays?

Australia Post hold all parcels at the post office for us to collect, if we collect during holidays they will not be unpacked until our office re-opens.


What are the trial terms?

For full trial terms see TRIAL TERMS

How do I organise trying a saddle?

All saddles are sold with a 7 day trial, so to try a saddle you can order via the website, the 7 day trial will automatically apply. Full payment is required.

When does the 7 day trial begin?

The trial starts on the day you receive your saddle, as recorded by Australia post or when its collected from Saddle Central.

What happens if I don't get to try the saddle within the 7 days?

It is not our policy to extend the trial period, You need to make every effort to trial the saddle in the 7 day period. Bad weather is not an acceptable excuse.  A trial period will only be extended in exceptional circumstances.

What if the saddle is damaged whilst in the 7 day trial period?

Once you have signed to receive your saddle it becomes your responsibility. If a saddle is returned damaged the sale price will need to be amended and any loss will be deducted from your refund. 

Can I get my saddler to alter the saddle while its on trial?

You can only make alterations if you are sure you will be keeping it.  Your saddler/saddle fitter should be able to assess suitability prior to making any changes.  If the saddle is returned to us it must come back exactly the same as when we sent it out. NO changes unless you have our written approval first.

Can I bring my horse to Saddle Central to try saddles?

Yes you can try multiple saddles with the assistance of an Independent fitter, refer to our Trying at Saddle Central  page.  


If I bring my horse to you can you fit a suitable saddle?

Currently we only allow horses to come to Saddle Central if using an Independent fitter. The Independent fitter will help fit and make any necessary adjustments. Refer to our Trying at Saddle Central  page

Is there a cost to bring my horse to you to trial saddles?

Independent fitters charges are your responsibility . Saddle Central allows use of the facilities with no charge.

refer to our Trying at Saddle Central  page

What is an Independent fitter?

An independent fitter is one that does is not sell saddles, they only offer a fitting  and repair service.


How do I organise a trial at Saddle Central with independent fitter?

If you have a fitter you are using, check with them if they have this arrangement with us, there are currently four local fitters you can use. If you need fitters contact details get in touch with us. 

You can book an appointment with your fitter Tuesday to Friday between 11am and 1pm (allow 1.5 - 2 hours) Then contact us so we can confirm its ok and discuss the further details you need to know. 

Refer to our Trying at Saddle Central  page for more details.

I am local can you come out to fit?

Saddle Central works with local fitters, if you are local we can recommend a local fitter to come to you to check the fit of a saddle you have ordered or if you want to try multiple saddle we can arrange for them to take several saddles out to you to try. If your horse travels well you may also wish to consider coming to Saddle Central again with the services of an independent fitter. 

The fitters are independent, we do not pay them and there is no financial reward for them selling our saddles, they will therefore charge you for this service.

Can you recommend a fitter in my area?

We have a list of fitters in South Australia only. Please CONTACT US or details. 

I live in an area where there are no fitters what can I do, can you guide me? 

We are happy to assist as much as possible with both selecting suitable saddles and advising how they fit when they arrive with you. 

Ideally get us involved in selecting suitable saddles rather than you picking a saddle randomly and hoping for the best.

Nicky is a qualified fitter and has a very high success rate of selecting suitable saddles from pictures and templates. 

There is no fee for this service we only ask that you provide all the information required to avoid unnecessary communication back and forth. 

To start have a read of our saddle fitting guide to give you some background information then complete the  SADDLE SELECTION FORM 

(you must include all pictures taken exactly as requested plus the templates)

My saddle has arrived but I am not sure if it fits, can you help?

If you don't have access to a fitter we can give our opinion on the fit, we will require specific pictures so please get in touch to discuss - don't send pictures without contacting us first. 


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, orders can be cancelled prior to posting or collection., There is no charge to cancel in the first hour, after one hour a $30 fee applies.

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