How to do Pictures & Templates PDF may take a minute to load

This video shows all the above in a little more detail.

What to do with the templates:

Scan you templates. 

Save as PDF format with no margins, do not reduce the scale.

If you have used an A3 sheet of paper scan it as 2 A4 pages.  

Print a copy yourself, is it an exact match to your original? If not try again.

Only send it to us when you are happy its an accurate copy.


Don't send the template as a photo - we can't use it in this format. So don't use a phone scanning app that takes a photo.

What to do with your photos:

Save pictures as jpeg files. No thumb nails or screen shots 

When you are happy you have them saved accuratley in the correct formats:

Upload the pictures & templates via the saddle selection form

We usually reply within 2 working days, if you don't see a reply check your junk/spam folders.