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Only add to your cart if you are purchasing a saddle.


Purchasing a saddle but need a different size gullet?
Saddle Central will remove the existing gullet and fit the size you require.


You are ordering a gullet alteration not a extra gullet. This fee is not refundable if the saddle is returned this fee covers the time taken to do two gullet changes.


Every brand has their own range of gullets. Not all brands have all the sizes and sizes between brands can vary.  


Check if the saddle you are purchasing can be fitted with the size you need. Each saddle listing gives details of which gullet brand and sizes are compatible.


If you don't know what size you need and your horse has not been measured for the correct gullet size refer to our Gullet Informaton Page. We do not recommend that you guess, even a very experienced fitter can not estimate a size and with only 1cm or a few degrees in angle between sizes it needs to be accurate.



Gullet Exchange - Only order with a saddle.

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