If you are in the Adelaide area you can make an appointment to come to us,  either with or without your horse.

Without Your Horse 

An appointment to sit in only one saddle. 

This appointment is for buyers that would like to sit in a saddle before they commit to buying, this is a 5 minute appointment to look at only one saddle.  The order must be placed via the website, adding a note with your preferred appointment time. Monday - Friday 10.30 - 5 pm. Unpaid orders are only held for 24 hours.


Without your horse 

An appointment to select saddles that suit you and your horse using pictures and templates.

This appointment is for selecting saddles for you to purchase one or two to take home to try and organise your fitter to check within the trial period or for Kym Leske (independent fitter) to take out to you to try.  (there are extra costs for Kym to come to you, payable direct to Kym). 

There is no cost for the first 30 minute appointment at Saddle Central, extra time is charged at $30 per half hour.  Pictures and templates are essential, refer to our Template and Pictures Guide to see whats required, its straight forward and takes only 5 - 10 minutes to do. Uploading your pictures and templates via the saddle selection form will give us chance to check it all looks correct before you come for your appointment. 

Appointments available Tuesday to Friday 11am - 3pm

To book an appointment email us at

Without Your Horse 

An appointment to sit in saddles and see what suits the rider - no consideration to what the horse needs. 


This appointment is for those that are at the browsing stage, trying to work out what might suit them, maybe the current saddle is uncomfortable or not fitting you as well as you think it should, we focus on seat shape, twist, knee blocks etc.


Cost for this appointment is $60 per hour.     

Appointments available Tuesday to Friday 11am - 3pm

To book an appointment email us at

With Your Horse

If you are not sure what is going to suit your horse or you want to ride in several saddles this is the best way to try multiple saddles.  We have a covered tie up area and a fenced arena.

On arrival we measure and assess your horse, then whilst your horse is settled munching on a hay net, we go inside to select saddles, we consider what your horse needs and what your preferences are, you can sit in saddles to see which you prefer, we'll usually select around six saddles to start with.

We then hand you over to a local Independent fitter, they will check the fit, give you time to ride and make minor alterations as needed to get a good fit.  We currently work with four independent fitters, which you choose to use is up to you or you can leave it to us to organise the fitter for you. The fitters charges vary and are payable by you on the day. 

Allow 30 minutes before the fitter arrives for selecting saddles and then 1.5 - 2 hours with the fitter.

There is no option to try saddles with your horse at Saddle Central without using a fitter.

Appointments to start between 11 am  and 1pm Tuesday to Friday.

To book an appointment with your horse email us 


Please leave your dog at home, if you do have a dog in your vehicle please park on the road.