We post to you 




You bring your horse to us 



All saddles are automatically sold with a 7 day trail, no need to request to trial.

We have given as much detail as possible in or product descriptions and our pictures have a zoom feature so you can see clearly what you are buying.  We try to be as honest as possible in describing the saddles, we will never deliberately omit some thing from a description.

Ask you fitter to look at your selection or if you prefer you can ask your fitter to call us to help decide what would suit you and your horse.

With your saddles selected, add to your basket.  Checkout  your chosen saddles, don't forget stirrups, girths and saddle cloths all available from Saddle Central.  Postage cost depends on location and is non refundable.  Pay in our secure online checkout by credit card or if you prefer to pay by bank transfer select offline payment.




If you are in the Adelaide area you can make an appointment to come to us, sit in different saddles and see what suits your shape, we are all different shapes and so are saddles, we will help you select the perfect fit.  We will ask you to bring pictures of your horse so that we can select saddles that are also likely to suit your horse.  This visit is for customers that are ready to buy rather than just browsing as stock is constantly changing.

If you would like to make an appointment to come and view and sit in saddles please give us a call. - No same day appointments so please plan ahead.

If you would like to try saddles on your horse and possibly ride in a couple before making a decision we can organise for a Independent fitter to meet you at Saddle Central, they will be able to make minor adjustments so you can take home a saddle knowing its been correctly fitted to your horse. 


Showroom visit without your horse to select suitable saddles - one 30 minute  appointment no charge. 

Saddle trial at Saddle Central with your horse, using an Independent fitter.  Fitters charges vary and are payable direct to the fitter.  Saddle central allows use of facilities at no charge.