This is a lux leather model, made from soft swiss leathers, the seat and knee-pads are covered in double oiled calfskin to give a better grip and the flaps and skirts are lux leather.


The X-technology, with its elastic membranes, gives extra comfort for the rider, making the seat very soft. The entire saddle design, with very thin and soft close-contact panels is intended to afford the utmost freedom of movement to the muscles of the horse's trapezius, as well as the utmost comfort for the rider. The large oval hole in the centre of the seat makes the saddle more comfortable and provides ventilation.


Its 18" seat and +2 forward flap and XL length, will benefit the longer leg rider.


Recommended for a horse with an average wither,  its currently a Prestige 34 fit and can be adjusted by a saddler, N- XXW.


Made in 2020, in near new condititon.  

Includes original Prestige cover.


To buy new would cost around $6200.