Paul Fielder is recognised as one of the most successful trainers in Europe, he designed this saddle to enable the riders leg to have closer contact with the horse, the knee rolls and skirt of the saddle are shaped so that the rider’s knee is not locked into a tight position, enabling a flexible thigh position.


This  Edison dressage saddle will suit a well built horse, with a low or medium height wither.  


These saddles are only custom made so are not often found second hand. With the cost to import a new one more than $5000 this one is a great buy,  made in 2013 and less than half of new price!


Includes fleece saddle cover 


Paul Fielder PFI Int Edison Dressage Saddle 17.5"

SKU: c9751
  • Saddle Condition:   very good, 

    Wear/Damage: normal signs of use under the stirrrups.  some surface cracks on the girth points. Some tiny marks on the front piping.

    Colour: Black

    Seat Stamped Size:   17.5

    Seat Size measured:  44cm 

    Flap Length:  41 cm

    Tree Size Stamped:  mw

    Tree Size Measured: similar to a Bates wide in angle, more generous in width.

    Adjustable Gullet/Tree: adjustable a size or two each way by a saddler

    Channel Width Midway:  7.5cm 

    Channel Width Rear: 7.5cm

    Panel Fill:  flock


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