The Passier Optimum 11 features a deep seat with a narrow twist, calf skin flaps which are contoured over a good size knee block for superior contact.  


Designed to be fully adjustable to any size, adjustments of the synthetic tree can be made multiple times, currently a medium wide - wide fit. A well cut back pommel makes it suitable for a variety of wither profiles.


The tree has a broad, open head, suited to the chunkier builds and the unique Passier freedom panels start lower at the front, giving better clearance either side of the wither and avoids pinching.


Made in 2014.   

Includes original Passier cotton cover.

New retail price for a new Passier Optimum 11 in Australia is  $5995, save $1000's!



Passier Optimum 11 Dressage Saddle 17.5" MW-W

SKU: c10262