The Suzannah is made in Walsall England by Ideal Saddles.

Made to suit a higher wither and back that doesn't rise at the rear of the saddle, this is achieved with:

  • Deep 3.5" rear panels to balance the saddle, preventing a backwards tilt.
  • Full front gussets.
  • Dropped panel shape for support behind the shoulder.
  • A high well cut back pommel.   
  • MW angle tree points, with plenty of flock in front making it fit like a Medium.  Just whats needed on horses with muscle atrophy from using saddles that are too narrow. This will give the muscle chance to re develop  and then some flock can be removed.


For the rider a deep broad seat, no seat bones hanging over the edge! 

A medium twist and large knee blocks


Includes a saddle cover.

Ideal Suzannah Dressage Saddle 17" M/MW

SKU: s3783