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For those who love the classic western saddle but need something shorter and lighter, DP have created a western saddle on an English tree with wool flocked panels! This short and light saddle is built on an Ultra-Flex tree with fully adjustable gullet. It easily adjusted to suit any width narrow - 4xw whilst the saddle is on the horse! A simple turn of the allen key supplied and the tree widens or narrows before your eyes.

The panel shape may not suit a pancake flat back (front to back).


With a softly padded nubuck suede dressage seat and set back fenders for perfect comfort and balance, its ideal for long trail rides and endurance riders.  This saddle is a size s1, suited to riders that would ride in a 16.5" or 17" English saddle.  Made with short fenders, currently on hole 4 it measures 82cm from the centre of the seat to the stirrup tread. (fenders can adjust from holes 1 -10) 


Purchased new in 2021, it comes with warranty card and original purhcase receipt.  (warranty is 3 years & 5 years on the tree).


Includes rawhide stirrups, gullet alteration tool and DP saddle cover.

(no girth included, a standard short dressage girth would suit.)


DP Quantum Short and Light Western Saddle

SKU: c10507
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  • Saddle Condition: Excellent, near new 

    Wear/Damage:  only very minor signs of use.

    Colour: skirt - natural with antique finish. Seat brown nubuck. SS hardware.

    Seat Stamped Size:  S1

    Inside Seat Size measured:  37cm/14.5". 

    Overall saddle length: 52cm

    Panels contact length:  see photos, depending on the back shape, between 42- 44cm is the minimum back length needed.

    Adjustable Gullet/Tree: adjustable with an allen key. Currently set at its widest, see photos, it measures a massive 9" across between the panels at the front. Approx a 4xw fit.

    Channel Width Midway:   8.5cm

    Channel Width Rear:  7.5cm

    Panel Fill: flock

    Weight: including stirrups approx 9.5kg


    The fit of every saddle is unique. Even if the makers, models, and sizes are the same between two saddles, the fit may be different. Adjustments and customizations may have been made. 

    All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by Saddle Central staff. This information is provided as a courtesy, and is not a guarantee of size or fit.

  • All saddles are automatically sold with a 7 day trial period . Saddle must be back in the post with tracking number supplied to us by day 8. eg if you receive your saddle/s  on a Monday then they must be back in the post by the following Monday.  Return post costs are to be paid by the buyer not Saddle Central.  Once the saddles are received back at Saddle Central you will be notified of their safe return. Your refund will be issued within 2 working days by the same method of payment as you used initially. 

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