Custom made in Australia by Cowling Saddlery.

Made to suit a shorter rider, a 14.5" inside seat and shorter than standard fenders.  


Built on a rawhide covered tree, with fenders attached over the tree.

Cowling saddlery is unable to confirm if its a semi or full QH tree, we measure it to be approx 6" across the front with an angle similar to a Bates XW. 


 Includes an antigall girth, western saddlepad and Carribu saddle storage bag.


There is an extra postal charge for this saddle.  Postage will range from $50 to  $135 depending on location. (within Australia.)  Either contact us prior to ordering or place you order and select standard post cost and we will contact you regarding the extra cost.

Cowling Half Breed Saddle

SKU: c10184
AU$2,895.00 Regular Price
AU$2,495.00Sale Price

Saddle Condition:  Excellent

Wear/Damage:  normal signs of use.

Colour: tan 

Seat Size measured:  15" from inside swell to stitch line on back of seat. or 14.5" inside seat. 

Tree Size Measured:  6" - see pictures

Angle Measured:  similar to a Bates XW angle

Tree Type :  rawhide

Weight:  approx 11kg


The fit of every saddle is unique. Even if the makers, models, and sizes are the same between two saddles, the fit may be different. Adjustments and customizations may have been made. 

All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by Saddle Central staff. This information is provided as a courtesy, and is not a guarantee of size or fit.