A sought after Australian made model, made in 2004 with cair panels and an easy change gullet, currenlty fitted with a Bates X Wide gullet,  which we can alter to suit (fee applies).


The Kimberley is a full leather fender stock saddle with a deep seat, suitable for trail riding, breaking young horses or working on the station.


A large seat size to suit a rider that would usually ride in a 17.5" - 18" English saddle.



Bates Kimberley Fender Stock Saddle Large

SKU: s3674

Saddle Condition:  Good

Wear/Damage: dry patches and minor marks.

Colour: Brown  

Seat Size stamped :  Large

Seat Size measured:  17" from front of pommel to inside the cantle roll, 18" to rear of the top of the cantle. 

Tree Size Measured:  X Wide gullet fitted, we can change to suit, add a gullet alteration to your order, (fee applies.)

Panel Fill:  cair


The fit of every saddle is unique. Even if the makers, models, and sizes are the same between two saddles, the fit may be different. Adjustments and customizations may have been made. 

All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by Saddle Central staff. This information is provided as a courtesy, and is not a guarantee of size or fit.