A saddle range inspired over the years by riders like Nelson Pessoa and more recently Carl Hester.

All current model Pessoa and PDS saddle trees are made of carbon fibre. This is a very light but incredibly strong material. 

Panels in current models are either AMS panel or Bayflex. Older models are more likely to have traditional flock filled panels.

The AMS® System has been designed to allow a perfect union between horse and rider. This system eliminates hot spots by dispersing any pressure variances of the flocking within the panels, thanks to the exclusive pressure stabilizing neoprene layer.

The neoprene layer provides a soft, consistent layer to support the rider's weight on the back of the horse. This layer will absorb impacts and distribute pressure evenly for maximum comfort and freedom of movement for your horse.

Saddles with AMS® panels can be re-flocked and fitted to your horse, just like traditional wool flocked panels.

Bayflex® is an extremely versatile material than can adjust itself to different pressures and maintain its protection without losing its shape. Because it is a speciality padding, it is able to provide ultimate cushioning without bulk.

Bayflex® does not bottom out, heat up or cause sore spots on the horse's back. They will adjust to a horse's back, providing even contact and pressure, then spring back when removed, making this system idea for those who ride multiple horses or those who prefer an ultra close contact.