Mackinder Endurance Saddlemaker


Alan Mackinder is an accomplished endurance rider and saddler, with an excess of 12,000 competitive endurance kilometers, some of the highlights are-

  • Tom Quilty win and Best Conditioned (National Championships 160km)

  • Shahzada 400km, win and Best Conditioned

  • Melbourne to Sydney Marathon 800km, and Best Conditioned

  • First rider to achieve a Shahzada 4,000km buckle

  • Has completed twelve 160km rides on 5 different horses, and eleven 400km rides using 6 different horses

  • holds 6 Tom Quilty buckles, including two times Best Conditioned awards  

With experience in all fields of saddlery, military, polo, jumping and dressage since the Olympics in 2000, Mackinder decided to specialise in developing purpose designed and built Endurance Saddlery.